Kaunis ja hyvältä tuoksuva satu: La Legende de Shalimar

Syyskuun ensimmäisen maanantain kunniaksi pieni retki unelmiin, satuihin ja itämaan prinsseihin. Muistathan Guerlainin klassikkotuoksun Shalimar? Tälle jo vuonna 1925 luodulle kaunokaiselle on tehty upea mainosvideo, katso ja nauti  :-)!

Tarinan mukaan tuoksun luoja Jacques Guerlain sai inspiraation Shalimar-tuoksuun tästä tarinasta:

"More than 300 years ago, Shah Jahan succeeded to the throne of his father, Jahangir, and became the third Mogul Emperor of India.
Jahan loved only one woman. Her name was Mumtaz Mahal.
Some say he loved her unto madness, that she was not his wife but his fever. Victories, empires and riches were dust as compared to her…in his eyes, she alone was the balm that made life bearable.
When she died, Jahan’s hair turned white. He would burst into tears at the mention of her name. In her memory, he built one of the world’s greatest wonders–the Taj Mahal at Agra.
But the Taj Mahal is only an empty monument. While Mumtaz was alive, Jahan created a series of gardens for her at Lahore, gardens the like of which had never been seen before. He called them the gardens of Shalimar, the Sanskrit word meaning “abode of love.”
From every corner of the Earth, the most fragrant and delicate blossoms were brought. Deep pools were built with crystal fountains and terraces paved in marble. The rarest birds were summoned to sing here and lanterns were hung to rival the stars. In the gardens of Shalimar the lovers were truly happy, and Mumtaz bore fourteen children to her beloved Jahan."

Guerlainin sivuilla paljon kiinnostavaa tuoksuista KLIK

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